Welcome to the Book Arts Guild.  in 1979 a small group of book binders, papermakers and printers started the Guild and it is now the largest, longest lived, active book arts group in the Pacific Northwest.  With over 300 members, BAG reflects the wide variety of arts and crafts sheltered under the book arts umbrella. We've hosted hundreds of lectures by major artists from all over the world, coordinated many workshops with master artists and craftspeople, supported exhibitions, and been active in regional book fairs throughout the group's history. 

On this website you will find upcoming events, both hosted by the Guild and those of interest to its members, and an archive of past activities.   You will find photographs from workshops, exhibits, studio visits and lectures illustrating the wide variety of events BAG has sponsored throughout its history.   Please join us.  Our $20 annual dues are a bargain to attend our monthly meetings with visiting artists specializing in a wide range of media, forms and content.  Take this opportunity to support the book arts regionally and nationally. Join us!!

Latest News

Another Season of the Book

Another Season of the Book

October 1, 2017

As autumn begins we welcome you to another season of the Book Arts Guild. Following the group’s educational mission, this year we’ve held a record number of workshops.  These include Randi Parkhurst’s longstitch binding, Lisa Hasegawa and Yuka Petz’s “Spontaneous Books”, David Wolske’s “Letterpress Abstractions”, Velma Bolyard with shifu paper weaving, and Catherine Michaelis and Bill Moody’s botanical contact printing. The richness and variety of these classes reflects the interests and abilities of our members, both as practitioners and advocates of the book arts. These opportunities are organized by volunteers on the BAG Board, often in collaboration with institutional and private colleagues who offer necessary studio or classroom facilities.  If you have a suggestion for workshop topic, or a guest instructor that you would like the Board to explore, please contact any of the BAG Board members, or info@bookartsguild.org.