About the Book Arts Guild

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The Book Arts Guild [BAG] was formed in Seattle in 1979 to support the diverse disciplines of the book arts and has been actively dedicated to promoting all hand bookmaking crafts and contemporary book arts for 35 years. Today the Guild counts among its members bookbinders and conservators, papermakers, paper decorators, people in all forms of printing and typography, calligraphers, artists who create images through printmaking, painting and photography and many others who are involved with the making of books. Most members reside in the Pacific Northwest but membership is open to anyone with interest and enthusiasm, and members may be the makers of books, teachers and students, collectors, librarians, book sellers, publishers or book artists. BAG hosts regular monthly lectures/studio visits and a variety of workshops on all areas covered by "book arts."  See our Archive for a selected list of lectures and workshops.

Mission Statement

The Guild strives to encourage the education of its members in all forms of the book arts and to that end sponsors lectures and workshops, often co-sponsored by the University of Washington Libraries, longtime supporter of the Guild. To enhance the local community's understanding of book arts, each year a number of leading book arts practitioners from around the country are invited to present an overview of their work with images or actual pieces. These presentations offer the Guild's members exposure to a wide range of book making as well as an opportunity to meet book artists and examine their work first hand. The Book Arts Guild's aim is to provide programs which explore every aspect of the book arts from traditional fine press printing, publishing and/or binding to one-of-a-kind artist's books, conceptual bookworks and artist's book installations.

Instructional workshops offered throughout the year address technical skills as well as the concept and philosophy of making books. Popular classes have included a diverse array of bookbinding methods, box construction, letterpress printing, printmaking, papermaking, woodblock cutting, paper decorating and much more. The wide spectrum of interests of the Book Arts Guild ensures that program topics are varied and include opportunities for beginners as well as practicing professionals. The Guild has also sponsored exhibitions of members' work and tours of members' studios.

Book Arts Guild Board Members

Mare Blocker, President

Jenny Craig

Alma Chaney

Will Davis

Selene Fisher

Lisa Hasegawa

Robin Kessler

Sandra Kroupa, Program Chair

Kate Leonard, Secretary

Wesley Nelson

Lark Preyapongpisan

Nan Robkin

Margaret Sandelin, Treasurer



Board meetings are generally held monthly. Any member can attend. Write to secretary@bookartsguild.org for details.