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Dard Hunter's Graphic Works

Dard Hunter's Graphic Works

BAG Lecture

April 18, 2012 | 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Lovers of the Arts and Crafts have long been drawn to Roycroft books by the remarkable graphic imagery and experimental typefaces designed by Dard Hunter, who excelled as a designer, craftsman, printer, typographer, and papermaker. A new book by Historic Seattle Program Director Lawrence Kreisman explains how a youth growing up in rural Ohio tapped into progressive European design ideas, made them his own, and succeeded in giving these designs national exposure. Dard Hunter sought to explore new and different ideas overseas rather than simply follow in the footsteps of the accepted theories at home. He adapted avant-garde German and Austrian Secession concepts into a graphic design vocabulary that was made available to the mainstream. The presentation showcases Hunter’s growth as a graphic artist and reveals the beauty, variety, and character-defining forms and typography that distinguish his work from others. Book signing follows lecture.

Lawrence Kreisman, an educator and author in the field of architectural history and preservation, is Program Director of Historic Seattle. He is author of Apartments by Anhalt, Art Deco Seattle, West Queen Anne School: Renaissance of a Landmark, Historic Preservation in Seattle, The Bloedel Reserve: Gardens in the Forest, The Stimson Legacy: Architecture in the Urban West, Made to Last: Historic Preservation in Seattle and King County, and co-author of The Arts and Crafts Movement in the Pacific Northwest.