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Catherine Alice Michaelis on PBS

Catherine Alice Michaelis on PBS

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April 21, 2017 | 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

In Shelton, WA, Catherine Alice Michaelis designs books that reflect her relationship with what she calls “Mother Earth, my mystical companion”. Often her books start with original poems which are printed on a vintage letterpress printer on paper that she has already “pressure printed” with flowers and leaves. These unique books created through her own May Day Press are tactile, elegant, thoughtful, sensual and entirely handmade from the growing of the plants and flowers used in the paper design, to the printing of the images and text, to the hand-folding of the pages, to the sewing of the spine. Each book is a new vision of nature as seen through her eyes, an imaginatively designed, remarkable folded paper sculpture.

Working with wood, glass and fiber as well as new materials, the artists profiled in NATURE challenge viewers to reassess their relationship to the natural world. Throughout history, the colors, textures, shapes, as well as scents and tastes of the physical world have inspired artists to produce works of astonishing dimension and power.

By emphasizing the profound connection between art and society, NATURE continues a hallmark of Craft in America: positioning artists as participants in larger global concerns while at the same time honoring them as pure visionaries. The women and men profiled in this hour are first and foremost artists, but in their direct inspirations from the environment, they are part of the important on-going conversation about the future of this planet.

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