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July 2017 Events

BAG Lecture

Velma Bolyard on Shifu

July 6, 2017 | Velma Bolyard on Shifu

North country Shifu: Velma will discuss her journey into the gentle art of shifu: spinning and weaving paper thread. Shifu is made from fine handmade paper, traditionally kozo fiber, that is folded and cut into narrow continuous strips, spun into thread called kami-ito and woven into cloth. The technique can be adapted to applications bri  Read more...

BAG Workshop

Shifu, taught by Velma Bolyard

July 8-9, 2017 | Shifu, taught by Velma Bolyard

Why would one take a perfectly beautiful piece of paper, and cut it up in order to spin the strip into a thread to weave into cloth? North Country Shifu will introduce you to shifu making, answering this question. You will learn how to prepare a piece of appropriate handmade paper for spinning, spin it into thread (kami-ito), fabricate a  Read more...

BAG Lecture

Catherine Alice Michaelis

July 27, 2017 | Catherine Alice Michaelis

Growing & Sewing: Recent work from May Day Press. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Catherine Alice Michaelis’ May Day Press, situated by the south Salish Sea, in Shelton, WA. You are invited to join Catherine for a presentation highlighting recent and upcoming developments in her work, including botanical contact prints, and sewn b  Read more...