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1982 Events

BAG Lecture

Claire Van Vliet / Janus Press

March 4, 1982 | Claire Van Vliet / Janus Press

The first lecture for BAG by Claire Van Vliet, a fine press printer, printmaker, papermaker, book designer & owner/operator of the Janus Press in West Burke, VT. In 1982 Claire had already been a printer for 26 years producing more than 60 books by that time. It was our great honor to have her in Seattle. But...read more for the secret.  Read more...

BAG Workshop

Claire Van Vliet  Book Design

March 5, 1982 | Claire Van Vliet Book Design

A much revived Claire gave a number of Guild members a great 4 hour talk on book design & illustration &, mostly, the nuts & bolts of being a letterpress printer & trying to make a living. Participants were encouraged to bring work in progress for Claire to critique. The fee was $25. The workshop was hosted by Alan Ligda, Archive Press.  Read more...

Archive Press, Issaquah 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm