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1997 Events

BAG Lecture

Cecilia & Gary Frost

July 31, 1997 | Cecilia & Gary Frost

“The Advent of the Codex Bookbinding and Its Relevance to the Digital Era,” a lecture by Cecilia & Gary Frost. This presentation investigated the perennial features of bookbinding as developed in northeastern Africa in the early centuries of the first millennium and considered how this prototype may prefigure the future of the book.  Read more...

BAG Workshop

Sewn Boards Binding

August 1-2, 1997 | Sewn Boards Binding

“Perennial Millennial: Sewn Boards Binding,” a 2-day workshop with Cecilia & Gary Frost. This workshop took participants on an historical bookbinding journey to rediscover the rich traditions of sewn boards binding.  Read more...

Art Building, UW campus 9:00 am - 5:00 pm