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2001 Events

BAG Lecture

Joyce Cutler-Shaw Word/Image

April 26, 2001 | Joyce Cutler-Shaw Word/Image

WORD/IMAGE: ARTISTS’ BOOKS IN CONTEXT, Thursday, in the Reading Room of Special Collections. A recent series, titled Body Archaeology, is part of her project, The Anatomy Lesson, an investigation of human identity and the evolving self from birth through death. Cutler-Shaw is the Artist-In-Residence at UC San Diego School of Medicine.  Read more...

BAG Lecture

Bonnie Stahlecker

June 1, 2001 | Bonnie Stahlecker

Mapping a Direction: Bookwork by Bonnie Stahlecker. Note that this is a Friday lecture and is in the Art Building, Room 312! Bonnie Stahlecker has been making books since 1979 and uses the format of the book to tell a visual story. Her recent work often uses her poetry in combination with full page printed images.  Read more...

Art Building, UW 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

BAG Workshop

Little Fat Books/Double Raised Cords

June 2-3, 2001 | Little Fat Books/Double Raised Cords

Little Fat Books on Double Raised Cords, a binding workshop,taught by Bonnie Stahlecker. In this workshop students will make chunky little books which utilize many of the techniques that were employed to make fifteenth century books. The books will have packed sewing on double raised cords, completed with headbands on single cords.  Read more...

Art Building, UW 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

BAG Workshop

Deborah Evetts Book & Paper Clinic

October 6-7, 2001 | Deborah Evetts Book & Paper Clinic

By popular request from BAG members, Deborah Evetts will return to Seattle to teach & lecture for the Guild. The workshop will include 1 day devoted to paper repair & 1 day for a book clinic.The paper repair workshop will include demonstrations & hands-on practice in repairing tears, inlaying losses & strengthening weak areas.  Read more...

Art Building, UW campus 9:00 am - 5:00 pm