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January 28, 2010 | Mare Blocker voted BAG President

Mare Blocker, long-time book artist and teacher, currently book arts faculty member at Whitman College in Walla Walla was voted 2010 Book Arts President at the first BAG Board meeting of the year. Mare has been BAG President before, a number of years ago. She becomes the first BAG President to commute across the entire state to attend meetings.

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January 17, 2010 | Suzanne Moore & Don Glaister speak

BAG members Suzanne Moore & Don Glaister lectured as part of the Vashon Allied Arts Arts & Humanities Series.  Their lecture was titled "The Art of the Book--Divergent Perspectives".  Their lecture was well received and well attended.  Suzanne & Don gave slide lectures and then showed work including a new collaborative piece recently commissioned that features 10 songs by Dylan.

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January 17, 2010 | Book Arts Coll. Gets Iron Hand Press

On January 17, Carl Montford & a group of wonderful volunteers delivered a Reliance iron hand press to Special Collections and to very happy curator Sandra Kroupa.  The press was picked up in two long trips back & forth to Portland and it was all brought to UW on Sunday.  There will be more work in completing putting it back together and polishing it up.  Carl is donating the press to the Libraries, restoring it and teaching Sandra to print on it.  Can there be a better friend?  Thanks to all the folks to helped accomplish this, especially to Carl who is truly one of the greatest EVER.  Sandra has named Carl the Johnny Appleseed of Printing Presses.  Thank you Carl for making one of Sandra's wildest dreams come true.

Volunteer press movers & assemblers

Carl Montford, Russ Wiecking, Kate Fernandez, Neil Peck, Laura Bentley, Preston Briggs, Marya Silvermale, Peter Newland, Patricia Halsell & Murray Sampson

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January 12, 2010 | Share BAG's History

On December 3rd BAG had the 2nd 30th anniversary party but we're still looking for images of our past events to add to Sandra's slide show that will surely be presented again.  If you have any photographs, slides, projects you did in a BAG workshop or any other memorabilia related to The Book Arts Guild, we would love to have you share them with us.  Our intent is to continue to provide an extensive archive of past BAG events to both record our history and to show the Guild's long standing contributions to the regional book arts community.  Please dig in your closets, studios and scrapbooks and see what you can find.  We are happy to borrow items to scan or photograph and return them or to add them to the official Book Arts Guild Archive at the University of Washington Libraries.

Please send us a message to the email attached to this website to make arrangements.

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October 14, 2009 | Chandler O'Leary Exhibit

Mnemonic Sampler, new work by Chandler O'Leary. 

University Gallery, Ingram Hall, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington

14 October - 11 November, 2009

Opening reception Wednesday October 14, 5-7 pm

Regular gallery hours Monday-Friday 8 am - 4 pm

Mnemonic Sampler, an abecedary of monoprints, collects and files our household icons, gathered together like the stitched and quilted samplers of our mothers and grandmothers.  The hand-stitched alphabet enumerates our trappings, shuffling our collective domestic inventory like the old card game of Memory.  Each symbol is familiar; each object is Ours, whether we actually possess it or not.  Together they sketch out a Home--real or imagined; longed-for or spurned; past, present, or future.

For more information call 253.535.7573 or email

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